Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some Pearls Of Wisdom On Getting A Better R.O.T.I - (Return On Time Invested)

Working Smart Is Doing Smart

By David Miranda

Early in my career, I had the pleasure of working for a rather unique individual. Although he had the responsibility for a large marketing enterprise, his genius was his R.O.T.I (Return On Time Invested). In short, he was a very productive individual and seemed to do it with ease. I figured I could learn a thing or two from him. I requested a meeting to pick his brain, and needless to say, what I learned was invaluable.

These are some of the pearls of wisdom he offered.
  • Seek out people smarter than yourself and do more listening than talking. Sometimes these people will be superiors, sometimes peers, sometimes subordinates, sometimes friends, sometimes competitors, sometimes complete strangers. Smart has no gender, racial, ethnic, religious, or political bias. Smart is smart.

  • If you want me to pay attention to you, tell me something I don't know but should know otherwise, I have better things to do with my time. So does everyone else.

  • If you have a point to make, make it and support it with facts. Everyone is entitled to develop their own opinion, but not their own facts.

  • If you are wrong, admit it quickly and get on with things. Excuses waste time and have no value to anyone.

  • Everything within a company are costs. All revenue resides outside the business. That's where time and resources should be invested.

  • A question needs to be asked only once. If you ask the same question to the same people more than that, you have a problem that needs fixing.

  • Information means little if it does not provide insights. Insights lead to action. Information leads to the need for more information.

  • Face-to-face or voice-to-voice communication is most effective and efficient than all other forms of communication whether it be with colleagues or customers. It provides insights that is impossible to get any other way.

  • Never be too busy to speak with someone who needs to speak to you. You never know.

  • Be visible and approachable. The opposite has nothing but negative consequences.

  • Meetings are for an exchange of ideas and decision-making for the future. They are not history classes.

  • Success is the convergence of great preparation, timing, and a little luck.

In summary, from my own perspective, these pearls of wisdom have greatly influenced my perspective and behavior in the business world - including my R.O.T. I.