Thursday, March 1, 2007

M.O.T.O.s - Masters Of The Obvious - A Rant

Telling Me Stuff I Already Know

By David Miranda

They seem to be everywhere. They're called Masters Of The Obvious or M.O.T.O.s for short. Chances are you had an encounter with one or more M.O.T.O.s today - or will. I had a recent M.O.T.O. encounter at a marketing meeting. The topic was the changing marketing landscape and the impact of new media channels and changing media consumption patterns for consumers.

Halfway through the meeting, the M.O.T.O. spoke up, but first how do you spot a M.O.T.O.? It's very difficult because M.O.T.O.s are masters of disguise. They actually look like normal intelligence human beings until they begin to opine on a subject - any subject - and then show themselves.

Back to the meeting, the M.O.T.O. said, "The change in the marketplace is inevitable. I predict it will continue at a rapid pace. Consumers are using the Internet dramatically more than just a short decade ago. This will have a dramatic impact on how we market to consumers, particularly the more tech-savvy. Although broadcast television, terrestial radio, and newspapers will not soon go away, they will be challenged by newer media alternatives."

Yep, this is a M.O.T.O. - a Master Of The Obvious. By the way he had charts and graphs to support his Nostradamic analysis and predictions.

How many times has each of us been a meeting or conference to be intellectually accosted by these oracles of business? Everytime is the answer.

When Albert Einstein was a student, he was asked for his home address by the teacher. Instead of immediately responding, he scuffled through his notebook for it. The other students laughed that someone did not know their address. Albert responded, "I never keep something in my head that I can find somewhere else. My brain is for original thoughts."

M.O.T.O.s of the world take heed. Have some compassion. Spare us the obvious.

Devote your life to telling us stuff we don't know.

Okay, there, I've got that off my chest.