Friday, May 8, 2009

Recognition Marketing - Blessed Are The Curious

For They Create A Better World

By David Miranda

All the great things in the world have come from the curious among us.

The enemies of curiosity? Arrogance, the status quo, complacency, incompetency, and envy to name a few.

Curiosity is the basis for all innovation. Someone, somewhere thinking "why isn't there a better way to do this or that?" All the great inventors and innovators had or have it - Da Vinci, Edison, Gates, Jobs, Page & Brin (Google founders), and Salk to name a few.

Curiosity, like other intangibles like passion and perseverence, cannot be taught, but it can be nurtured and it must be nurtured in every successful organization and valued by leadership. It creates wealth.

In our youth, the cradle of curiosity, we explored new things; relentlessly asked questions of our elders on why this and why that. We discovered in the answers new and exciting horizons. Curiosity led to learning and learning led to enlightenment.

Curiosity today, however, in many cases has been atrophied by the requirement to conform; to follow the company line; not to rock the boat. Asking too many questions has unfortunately become a trait of "not being a team player".

Curiosity, however, is not a team endeavor. It is a personal trait.

It needs to be recognized as critical to the success of an enterprise.

Be curious about your life, your surroundings, your business, your industry.

It will, curiously, pay big dividends.