Friday, July 27, 2007

Recognition Marketing Buzz Meter For Week Ending 7/27/07

A Look At The Past Week In Buzz

The following is a list of this past week's winners and losers in the weekly Recognition Marketing Buzz Meter.

Note: The order is not intended to indicate a ranking in importance.


  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell - for his King Soloman handling of the Michael Vick issue
  • Atlanta Falcons Owner Arthur Blank - quality person, cool head in difficult situation
  • NBC Sports Bob Costas - great comeback to cheap shot from Barry Bonds
  • The Simpsons Movie - Homer, Bart & the family may win an Oscar
  • NBC's Campbell Brown - Leaves the Peacock Network for prime time at CNN.
  • CNN/YouTube - Democratic Presidential Debates enter new era
  • Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul - working the blogosphere to get out his message
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones - new release "Without Reservations" a must see
  • Democrat Presidentiial Candidates - kudos for agreeing to CNN/YouTube debate format
  • Michael Vick - his silence is deafening and he allowed his mother to deal with the press
  • Tour De France - the Yellow Jersey leaves race in disgrace
  • Lindsay Lohan - out of rehab, into court
  • Barry Bonds - takes cheap shot at Bob Costas calling him a little "midget. No class.
  • Alberto Gonzales - is everybody else lying?
  • Pepsico - finally comes clean (after consumer pressure) Aquafina is filtered tap water
  • Paula Zahn - out at CNN. O'Reilly too much "A Factor" in the ratings
  • Bush Administration - deaf ears to anything but "stay the course"
    Stock Market - bears were growling on Wall Street making bulls nervous