Sunday, July 22, 2007

Recognition Marketing Buzz Meter Week Ending 7/22/07

A Look At The Past Week In Buzz

By David Miranda

The following is a list of this past week's winners and losers in the weekly Recognition Marketing Buzz Meter.

Note: The order is not intended to indicate a ranking in importance.


  • Harry Potter - release of last book

  • J.K. Rowling - author says goodbye to Harry

  • Padriag Harrington - winner of British Open playoff almost Vandervelde'd himself

  • David Beckham - brings celebrity to U.S soccer

  • Barry Bonds - controversial but imminent all-time home run champion

  • Virgin America - opens for business in U.S.

  • Fred Thompson - unannounced candidate for President gaining ground

  • British Open - the oldest major in golf still has magic

  • PETA - the Vick indictment provides an opportunity for its cause

  • Oprah Winfrey - announces endorsement for Obama

  • Hank Aaron - all-time home run king still the king in people's hearts

  • Barack Obama - Oprah endorsement and strong fundraising gives him runway

  • Bill & Hillary Clinton - dynamic duo a force majeur to contend with

  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner - Boeing bets right and bests rival Airbus


  • Michael Vick - from NFL superstar to federal indicted co-defendant

  • Bud Selig - the silence what to do when Bonds breaks the record is deafening

  • Sen. John McCain - from front runner to underdog

  • Sen. David Vitter - another public official, another scandal, another apology

  • NFL - should federal indictments of players have the same consequences for everyone?

  • Paris Hilton - why do we bother?

  • Tour De France - Scandals have spoiled it for everyone this year.

  • Victoria Beckham - New reality show's in trouble. There's still the Spice Girls.

  • Congress - Approval rating lower than the President's. Just above Cheney.

  • Bush Administration - Approval ratings haven't bottomed out.

  • Atlanta Falcons - Great franchise and fans have to deal with the Vick situation. No win situation.