Monday, August 13, 2007

Recognition Marketing Buzz Meter - Week Ending 8/12/07

The Following Are The Winners & Losers For The Past Week:


  • Tiger Woods - wins 13th Major, 4th PGA Championship
  • Hillary Clinton - widens lead on the field
  • Mitt Romney - wins Iowa Straw Poll
  • Hank Aaron - class act taped memorable congratulatory video on Barry Bond's 756th
  • Richard Branson - Virgin America begins service
  • Buick - ties perennial leader Lexus for Top Spot on J.D. Power Ratings
  • Rupert Murdoch - wins control of Dow Jones
  • Tom Glavine - class act wins 300th game playing by the rules
  • Cal Ripken & Tony Gwynn - role models inducted into Cooperstown


  • Wall Street - dealing with crisis in sub-prime mortgage market
  • Chrysler - taps former Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli to lead company
  • Bush Administration - Karl Rove calls it quits
  • Wall Street Journal - Bancroft family sells out
  • Airlines - delays and lost baggage woes worsen
  • Pentagon - only administers slap on the wrist to general officers in Pat Tillman case
  • Google - less Luke Skywalker, more Darth Vader with acquisition of DoubleClick
  • Tommy Thompson - first casualty of Republican Presidential Race
  • Rudy Guiliani - Hero of 9/11 moniker wearing thin
  • Barck Obama - losing ground to the Senator from New York
  • David Beckham - the Paris Hilton of soccer?
  • China - lead painted toys, tainted pet food and toothpaste. What's next?