Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Where's Waldo?" - Cutting Through The Clutter

Making Sure Your Brand Stands Out From The Crowd

By David Miranda

We've all been exposed to Martin Handford's famous franchise, "Where's Waldo?" where one views a picture of countless characters in a crowded setting and the challenge is to find the stealthy bespectacled "Waldo". Depending on your visual acuity and search technique, you eventually find him. Of course, from that point of discovery thereafter, every time you view the picture, you immediately find him.

Every day consumers and brands play "Where's Waldo?" for real in the marketplace and the stakes are serious - brand recognition, sales, and market share, i.e. before someone buys your product or service they have to know about it - and find it! Sounds simple, but in a crowded and cluttered marketplace there are many "Waldos" and this is why marketing is critical.

A company cannot simply introduce a brand in a crowded landscape. It must develop a compelling and recognizable brand (Waldo); position the brand to distinguish it from the other "Waldos"; and communicate and reinforce with consumers where to find (purchase) the brand's offerings. This is a relentless pursuit since the landscape continues to change and more Waldos are putting themselves in the picture every day.

Make your Waldo obvious to consumers every day with smart marketing.